Osiris - Beyond the Control - Live 1991  
1. Medley from “Tales of the Divers”. (Unreleased) 5. Once upon a time.(Unreleased)
2. Reflections. + 6. Bird of prey. (Unreleased)
3. Until we meet. (Unreleased) 7. Lost and found. +
4. Wasted. ++ 8. Fantasy. +++
=+      From the album “Reflections”  
++    From the album “Myths and legends”
+++ From the album “Osiris 1”  
The unreleased tracks are being heard for the first time on any cd or album.
The tracks were recorded live in 1991 at the Diplomat in Bahrain on a simple single
stereo tape recorder direct from the system. There has been no editing or studio re-mixing.  
Osiris members who performed during the live performance were:
Mohamed Alsadeq :Electric Guitars, Vocals
Nabil Alsadeqi  :Drums, Percussions
Sabah Alsadeqi  :Lead Vocals
Abdul Razzak Arian   :Organ, other Keyboards
Nader Sharif :Piano, other Keyboards
Ali khonji   :Bass Guitar
Osiris would also like to thank its present members who are:
M. Alsadeqi, N. Alsadeqi, A.Razzak Arian,
Khalid Shamlan ( Piano, other keyboards and backup vocals),
Martin Hughes ( Lead Vocals, Flutes, Acoustic Guitars) and
Hadi Saeed ( Bass Guitar).
All material on this recording are the sole possession of Osiris. Any release without the written consent of Osiris is strictly prohibited.

Watch for Osiris’s new concept albums “Tales of the divers” and “Visions from the past” to be released soon,  

Although Osiris live concerts are few and far in between, their live shows always display energy and power very few bands can match. So, it came as a pleasant surprise when one day, while going through various old tapes, Osiris came across some live recordings from one of their live shows. Although it was not recorded for a live release, Osiris felt it was time for a live album. Rather than record a live album and edit it in a studio like many bands do, it was felt an honest straight recording like this one would be more true to their music. What is amazing is that the recording was done on an ordinary tape deck with no studio editing, mixing …etc. Unfortunately, some tracks were not recorded in their entirety, thus had to be faded in/out
Nevertheless, the distinct and sheer energy of Osiris is now captured for the first time on cd.
One final note. This recording contains tracks never previously released, but we promise to have studio versions released soon. In the mean time, enjoy.