Osiris - Fantasy -1982    
Osiris are    
Mohamed AlSadeqi : Lead Electric Guitars , Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Nabil AlSadeqi   : Drums , Percussion
Sami Al Jamea        : Mini-Moog, Acoustic Piano, Fender Electric Piano
A.Razak Aryan    : Korg Keyboards, Organ, Micro-Moog,   Polyphonic Synthesizer
Mohamed Shafii     : Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals
Isa Janahi      : Vibes, Percussion, Vocals
Mohamed A. Kooheji : Bass on "Fantasy", Rhythm Guitar

Nader Rafii : Congas

Track 8: *
Mohammed AL-SADEQI : lead guitar
Nabil AL-SADEQI : drums and percussion 
Sabah AL-SADEQI : vocals, second guitar 
Khalid ALMOTAWA : bass
Abdul RAZAK ARIAN : keyboards

Mohammed SHAFII : keyboards, vocals 

Thanks to Debbie MOSS and Mohammed AMIN KOOHEJI

Produced by Mohamed and Nabil AL-SADEQl in 1982.
Tracks 1 to 7 recorded at Eagle Studio, Manama, Bahrain. Sound engineer: Graham CARTER-DIMMOCK
Track 8 recorded at Osiris home-studio, Hoora, Bahrain, in 1989 by Mohamed AL-SADEQI. 
Cover design: Ebrahim SHARIF.

Mastering: SON'ART, Metz.
Biography and booklet notes by Francis GROSSE. 
Translation by Paul STUMP and Dorian CUMPS.
Art and layout/electronic publishing by Alain ROBERT.

Release executive producers: Francis GROSSE, Bernard GUEFFIER and Alain ROBERT for MUSEA. 
MUSEA 05/97  

I fantasized so many times of winning
The Game of games, the game of life, day and night
Turned to the heavens, hands outstretched, pleading
Warlock of earth, waewing spells, casting signs

I'm but a drop in the seas of time
Wasted away, as the years go by

As I grew older, I learned to love what I never liked
Sensing power, people feared and shunned my sight
Fearing themselves, they saw in me reflections
An age they'd known, a soul they sold, fading light

I'm but a grain of dust in the sand
Blown by the winds into forests, onto lands

I am not a man of fate,
let the stormy seas move in a rhyme,
Seek my fortune in the deeps
Food for thought and pearls of life.
The horizons never change,
The waves are moving in unseen lines,
Sun or rain keep soiling on,
Feel elated the world is mine

life is swaying to unseen winds,
The thought so cold -feeling,
As the splashing chills the ears,
We sense the song -hearing,
When the memories grace the minds,
We relive the post -seeing
We port the waves with silent dives,
Win our fortune -seeking  



And why do we need to fear
Our lives can't be touched you see,

Hold my stepping stone,
Take away my crown,
All are lasing souls if seems.

Trailing winds and no sense of time,
We're soaring free not knowing how or why.

Need no helping hand,
Carried by the wind,
The sea below above the endless sky.

On this rainy day when memories bring tears,
As I think 0 you, gloomy skies disappear
And a ghostly sun brings bock core free days again,
la la la la la la la la

like a tiny spark I met her,
In a dream of despair,
She become the sparkle of life,
Then she faded like the embers of a flame.

Past those dew green doles, your hands holding mine,
As we lay down whispering words you'll never hear,
And a ghostly sun brings ~ock core free days again,
la la la la la la la la

Over the hedges and hill tops,
I still see you run,
I dream of the things you told me,
Things we do not now it's a FANTASY.



A lonely heart is mourning, as I look through to the sky,
Imagining on occasion, of sitting with you one night
Holding hands speaking silently, lovely thought in mind,
With the final ringing of our hearts, we knew that we could find.

And ever lasting peace, a story for every song,
A love that speaks for ever, where two heart's belong,
A love picture of colors, and shattered walls behind,
(I guess it's fate that led my path to you)

The pains of being away, were to great for me to bear,
I needed you with me, my feelings you then could share,
So strange what we call love, asking God how it could be,
That we feel a11 these emotions, how it's born we cannot see

There's a story in your smile, a brightness in your eyes,
A soothing from your words, on your lips a silent sign,
With every loving word, I forge! yesterday's pains,
When your laughter fills the room, shattered hopes don't remain.

Story of my youth, memories of olden days,
Emanciping bonds, each acting different plays


What a day for lonely feelings,
Gives a hand but tokes you need,
You try to forgive with a cringing smile,
Silence you greet and all's been said,
Rejected by all in a world of vile.

Walking by the shore one evening,
As the fading rays begin to die,
An angel come and touched my heart,
She smiled at my craving seed,
We left to a land of disbelief

You feel there's no need
And you can't find 0 reason
To begin something new
You'd better try to find out

Try to change your life
look before you leap
Surely there's a sign
That will show the way

You dread that which you con see
But it leads to more confusion
And you're standing on the brink
Of what you know is 0 grand illusion

Try to change your life
look before you leap
Surely there's 0 sign
That will show the way