Osiris - Myth & Legend -1986    
1. Myths and Legends 5:54 
2. Free Like the Wind 7:45
3. Voyage  7:04
4. Dream of a Jester  6:53
5. Wasted 8:40
6. Who Remember 5:01
7. The Power* 3:33
Osiris are    
Mohamed AlSadeqi : Lead Guitars , Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Nabil AlSadeqi   : Drums , Percussion
A.Razak Aryan    : Korg Keyboards, Organ, Micro-Moog, Polyphonic Synthesizer
Debie Moss : Piano, Mini-Moog
Mohamed Shafii     : Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals
Khalid Al Mutawa   : Bass on Myths and Legend
Isa Janahi : Lead Vocals, Vibes
Track 7: *
Mohammed AL-SADEQI : lead guitar
Nabil AL-SADEQI : drums and percussion 
Khalid ALMOTAWA : bass
Abdul RAZAK ARIAN : keyboards

Mohammed SHAFII : keyboards, vocals 
Songs composed by OSIRIS
Lyrics by Mohamed Al Sadeqi
Produced by Mohamed and Nabil Al Sadeqi
Tracks 1to 5 were recorded at Eagle Studio, Bahrain, July 1984, by Graham Carter-Jones
Track 7 was recorded at OSIRIS home-studio, Hoora, Bahrain, January 1985 and mixed in 1994.
Cover design by Ibrahim Sharif.
Biography and booklet notes by Francis Grosse.
Translation by Paul Stump.
Art and Layout/electronic publishing by Alain Robert.
Re-relese executive producers: Francis Grosse, Bernard Gueffier and Alain Robert for MUSEA.
MUSEA 12/95