Osiris - Reflection -1989

1. Shades of gray   5. The prisoner  
2. Lost and found 6. Fire and ice
3. The Circle  7. Reflections     
4. In the corner  

Osiris are

Mohamed AlSadeqi : Guitars , Vocals , Bass Guitar
Nabil AlSadeqi   : Drums , Percussion
Sabah AlSadeqi        : Lead Vocals. +
Mohamed Shafii     : Lead Vocals , Flutes , Keyboards.
A.Razak Arian    : Keyboards.
Khalid AlMutawa      :Bass Guitar

Cover Design by Mrs. Maureen Mulford
Additional artwork by Ebrahim Sharif
Recorded at Osiris Studios
Produced by Mohamed and Nabil Alsadeqi
All Compositions & Lyrics by Osiris

Additional Keyboards by Sami AlJamea and Nader Sharif
Ali Khonji played bass guitar on ďLost and found.

Osiris would like to thank their families and friends for their patience and their
fans for their support and a special thanks to Marshall music.

Shades of Gray

As the sun begins to fade, making way for the virgin night (again) ,
Falling leaves on a soothing sea, shades of gray between the earth and sky ,
Wonít you walk the streets with me,
We can see the shape of things to come,
Will you say youíre sorry again,
It doesnít matter, you know that Iíll be gone.


The Circle

Sell me a dream, you see Iím tired of waiting,
There is so much to learn and so much to see,
Iíve been waiting so long, for an eternal living,
Iíll do what I can, the end justifies the means.

Donít be paranoid, we all have to live and leave one day,
life is not for us to keep, just a whim that fades away.

All that you say is true, but I canít stop thinking,
Iíll be too young to die, after a thousand years,
Iíve spent so much time, worrying and feeling,
That lifeís passed me by, now the end is near.

Lifeís a never-ending play, from son to father and father to son,
the irony is here to stay, the end of the circle has just begun.


The Prisoner 

I can see the flash of lightning
I can see the clouds of darkness
In my cell I sit watching
Silence surrounds me

I feel the weight of eternity, lasting in my life
Like the weary arms of a soldier whoís first and last in line

Every day I keep waiting
Freedom is what Iím expecting
Trying hard to keep from crying
All I get is weaker

Iím standing here disillusioned, weary as can be
Just wishing for the future is not enough for me

I can see the flash of lightning
I can see the clouds of darkness
In my cell I sit watching
Silence surrounds me

Time will come to you asking, a beggar in disguise
Life is all but memories and soon youíll realize


Fire and Ice

The road is hard across this way
These crying souls are here to stay
Take these days your hates and pains
Down the ruins of empty space
Pots of gold are what really feed
Heart and soul is what I preach
find your way through the maze
To the children of the stones my word relay

Fire and ice across the plain
Right and wrong donít mean a thing
Pick up your bags and donít complain
The cause is lost but I will stay

Down your swords and go away
You failed and chose a losing game
And now till the end of your life youíll pay
To learn, to know how to slay
Take these days your hates and pains
Down the ruins of empty space  



Thereís a cafť round the corner where he used to meet his friends
There were moments heíd never forget
And later in the even she used to come at nine
It seemed those days would never end
Got to get out this prisoner here in my mind
Chaining me down
A reflection thatís faded I know I wonít find
Never changing somehow
I was young, but I feel younger as the years go rolling by
Cause Iím not one to live in the past
But I look back fondly on those days I canít relive
After all this life will never last
But thereís one thing I know that will stay in my sight
Itís leaving a sign
Itís the memory of seeing you there every night
A gem in my life